It’s Time to Learn to Code in Python

The first cohorts of The Python Coding Programme will run in April and May, 2023. You’ll be guided and mentored by Stephen Gruppetta in live sessions with very small groups and through the continuous mentorship throughout the programme.

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Live Courses • Four students per cohort • Three-week programme • 90-minutes per day, four days a week • Active Mentoring • Private Forum • Daily Exercises

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Here are the key features of The Python Coding Programme:

The Python Coding Programme: Content

This course is designed for beginners who are serious about learning to code in Python.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the programme:

You’ll join me for a live interactive session four days a week. With only four students per cohort, we’ll have engaging small group discussions throughout the programme.

You’ll also have exercises to work on during the weeks, which we’ll discuss in the live sessions and through supplementary videos.

An essential aspect of this programme is the active mentoring you’ll receive from me. You’ll have access to a private course forum where you can discuss your work beyond live sessions and access to the wider The Python Coding Place forum for broader discussions. I’ll be there on both forums!

You can find out more about Stephen’s style of teaching and communication by browsing through The Python Coding Book.


When you join the Programme, you’ll be taught and mentored by Stephen Gruppetta.

Stephen has built a reputation for his clear and friendly style of teaching.

You can read his work on The Python Coding Book and in many step-by-step tutorials and articles he’s written on The Python Coding Book’s blog and on Real Python.

And if you’re on Twitter, you can see daily content from Stephen when you follow him there!

Stephen Gruppetta