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The Python Coding Place

by codetoday

The place to learn to code in Python

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Helping you with those tricky first steps

The first hurdles can be the toughest ones for many who try to learn to code. Often, resources for beginners are not clear enough and leave too many gaps.

Our priority is to make sure new learners do not stumble on these first steps.

Here are the four pillars on which all our content is built:

Read more about why The Python Coding Place will be a great place to learn to code in Python, if we may say so ourselves.

What Will You Find In The Python Coding Place?

The Place will be a hub for a broad range of services and resources which build on Stephen Gruppetta’s and codetoday’s expertise and experience.

Some of these services have been running successfully for years under the codetoday banner. Others are brand new!

Here’s what you’ll find in The Python Coding Place:

You can find more detail about each area in this article which explains more about The Python Coding Place.

The Python Coding Book

Our resources will build on Stephen Gruppetta’s The Python Coding Book. The Book has gained a large, enthusiastic following since its publication. This is due to its friendly and relaxed approach to teaching coding in Python.

“It’s the first time I’m understanding what everything does!”


Stephen Gruppetta has been a leading figure in the teaching and communication of coding in Python for several years. He’s been running training courses for individuals and corporations in London and across the world for many years. And the company he has set up, codetoday, is a leader in children’s coding education.

You can read his work on The Python Coding Book and in many step-by-step tutorials and articles he’s written on The Python Coding Book’s blog and on Real Python.

You can read more about Stephen on his codetoday biography page.

And you can get daily Python content from Stephen by following him on Twitter

Stephen Gruppetta