Hello The Python Coding Stack!

The Python Coding Stack

I have just started The Python Coding Stack. This will be the new home for my regular writing about Python. It will include articles focusing on specific Python topics, step-by-step tutorials, and general views of Python programming that help us all understand better what’s happening “behind the scenes” in a computer program.

You can subscribe to The Python Coding Stack here and you’ll get posts in your inbox as soon as I publish them. I will be writing weekly on The Stack, including the occasional extra article on some weeks.

The articles I write have a broad audience. The main target reader is the intermediate learner who’s looking to move on to the next stage of their Python programming journey.

However, I also keep beginners who like to “read ahead” in mind when I’m writing. And if you’re a beginner, it doesn’t matter if you don’t get everything that’s discussed in an article.

I will also publish some articles specifically for beginners on The Stack.

No, you don’t need to pay. However, you’ll see that soon there will be a paid subscription option for those who want to support this content creation effort. Creating high quality material is not easy and takes time!

Over 70% of all the articles will always be available in full on the free subscription. Some articles will be available on the paid subscription, and paid subscribers will also get access to The Python Coding Forum where conversations carry on!

Subscribe to join The Python Coding Stack

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